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Amazon Brand Registry (2023 TUTORIAL) Step-by-Step Trademark Application Process & Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry

In this step by step guide to Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll learn all about the new & exciting ways to boost your sales & brand recognition!

We’ll walk through all the Amazon Brand Registry benefits you’ll gain access to, such as A+ content, adding videos to your listing, creating storefronts, additional product protections & Amazon Attribution. Next, we’ll walk you through the requirements of Brand Registry.

And finally, we’ll show you the process of setting up your brand registry step by step, including covering the tricky subject of how to get a trademark (& how you can simplify this process!). You don’t want to miss this complete Amazon Brand Registry step by step tutorial by Jungle Scout!

0:00 The Need to Protect your Listing
1:56 What is Brand Registry?
2:10 Top 10 Benefits of Brand Registry
6:16 Brand Registry Requirements
7:13 How to Get a Trademark
8:47 IP Accelerator Program
9:52 Brand Registry Application Process
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