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Amazon Expands Buy with Prime, Posing Challenges to Shopify and PayPal

After about a 10-month experimental period, Amazon is finally offering its Buy with Prime features to all eligible US-based sellers. This may be good news for Prime members and most e-commerce business owners, but it’s starting to affect competitor sites like Shopify as well as payment processing companies like PayPal.

No Longer Invitation-Only

Buy with Prime was introduced last April 2022 to select merchants for Amazon to test out whether the program is viable and would benefit sellers. After months of testing, the company has determined that Buy with Prime resulted in a 25% average increase in conversions and decided to roll it out publicly in the United States by January 31, 2023.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Buy with Prime Vice-President Peter Larsen says the increase in conversion will more than offset the fees Amazon charges for the checkout option.

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