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Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour: My Big Lessons Learned

On today’s episode of The Full-time FBA Show, Rebecca and Stephen reflect on their tour of an Amazon Fulfillment center before the COVID pandemic. In their conversation, they discuss what they learned and how it has impacted the way they do business. One of their major takeaways was the phrase ‘customer obsession . . .

Since then they have adapted the standards of their business to be more oriented to client satisfaction. They discuss how customer obsession is not an altruistic instinct, but rather an effective way for Amazon to gain customer trust. Tune in and gain precious insight into how Amazon runs its business, from conveyor belts to Amazon Robotics. Join us today for an informative peek into the inner machinations of Amazon fulfillment centers along with all the lessons that we learned!

Key points from Episode 86:

  • Going on a tour of an Amazon fulfillment center, had a significant impact on our hosts and their business.
  • Stephen and Rebecca share what they learned from their tour of an Amazon fulfillment center. . .

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