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Amazon Influencer Program – How It Works

Amazon Influencer Program

Learn about a great new way to build your audience and make some money! If you’ve built up a large social media following or a substantial YouTube subscriber base and you don’t currently have a website, then the Amazon Influencer Program is a great way for you to monetize your audience.

As an aspiring Instagram or YouTube influencer, you may not have your own branded website yet.

After all, if your audience primarily lives on a 3rd party platform like YouTube or Instagram, why spend the time and money putting up a polished website that gets very little traffic?

But let’s say that you promote a wide variety of affiliate products through your social media channels. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to have a page of all of your recommendations all in one place?

For example, instead of linking to every product individually on all of your posts or videos, why not simply send your followers to a single page of everything you love?

If you’re an influencer with a decent sized following, the Amazon Influencer program allows you to do exactly that.

You can promote products to your social media following and earn a commission for every sale you refer.

This post will outline the benefits of the Amazon Influencer program and how it differs from the Amazon Associates program.

What Is The Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program allows you to get your own custom page on Amazon with an exclusive vanity URL to promote the products you recommend to your followers.

Whenever someone visits your page and makes a purchase, you earn a commission for the sale!

Your custom storefront on Amazon.com can be customized and curated with all of your favorite Amazon products and services all in one place which is a much more convenient way to promote your affiliate products on social media.

For example, a common question I’m asked is what gear I use to film my YouTube videos. But sometimes I get asked this question regardless of the topic of the video.

Instead of manually linking up my equipment on every video regardless of relevance, it’s much easier to guide my subscribers to a separate page of every tool I use and love.

If you don’t already have a website, then the Amazon Influencer program custom storefront is an easy way to put up a good looking home page on Amazon.com.

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