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Amazon Performance Metrics. 7 You Should Be Tracking (xSellco Article)

Amazon Performance Metrics. ‘Knowing your numbers’ has never been more critical. Whether you are an Amazon or eBay seller, whether you have a Shopify store, or you sell across many platforms, keeping a handle on your metrics is vital if you want to go the full distance and achieve success.

Becoming a successful ecommerce seller is not going to happen if you are fumbling around in the dark with no idea as to which of your products, advertising, sales or marketing strategies are actually working.

The trouble is, metrics can be overwhelming. With so many statistics and data available to track, they can be challenging to decipher, making it difficult to prioritize and focus on which ones to improve.

Amazon is no different. The array of Amazon performance metrics available to you can appear daunting, which is why so many sellers don’t bother to use these insights the way they should.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the many not using Amazon Performance Metrics, you are missing out on crucial information.

Information that will help you make your Amazon business the best it can be. Amazon’s customer metrics show you how well you are performing as a seller.

To see an overview of your performance metrics, go to your Seller Central account and click the ‘Performance’ tab, then click the ‘Account Health’. This will give you access to a detailed breakdown of your Amazon Seller Performance Metrics. Let’s rewind for just a moment though…

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