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Amazon Sponsored Product Ads: Your 2021 Guide

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads 2021 Guide

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. The Jungle Scout crew digs deep to tell us the best way to utilize these Ads. Whether you’re a beginner launching your first product, or a 6-year Amazon selling veteran launching your 25th product (like me!), Sponsored Product Ads are one of the most effective methods of presenting a brand new product to potential customers. 

Since Sponsored Product ads integrate so well with Amazon’s organic search results, customers often don’t even realize they’re looking at an ad. In fact, they’re consumers’ most preferred type of ad among the entire Amazon advertising suite of products, according to our 2021 Amazon Advertising Report

For newly launched products, it can be difficult to earn those initial sales needed to move up in the organic search rankings. By targeting relevant keywords in your ads, your products can appear on top of the first page from day one. 

They’re simple and easy to set up, even if you have no advertising experience. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly Sponsored Product Ads are, how they work, and how to launch your first campaign. 

What is an Amazon Sponsored Product Ad?

Sponsored Product Ads are a type of Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. They allow you to bid for particular keywords to gain maximum exposure within Amazon search results — as soon as the day you launch your product. As the name “PPC” suggests, you pay a small fee for every click on your ad. Sponsored Product ads’ on-page prominence and likeness to an organic listing thumbnail make them particularly enticing.

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