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Amazon Success, One Day At A Time

Amazon Success

Selling on Amazon’s platform has become extremely competitive. This AMZTracker article gives you some actionable Amazon strategies and insights. Big tasks become much simpler if you break them into smaller steps. Managing an Amazon business involves doing many different things from marketing to developing new products.

So how can you make sure you do everything you need to – and still make a decent profit? Break the work down into daily tasks during the week.

If you already have products on Amazon, we have the perfect weekly schedule for you. If you are still sourcing your first product – focus 100% on getting the first product ready – then follow this simple plan to manage your business.

Monday – Performance Day

To know where things are going right and where things are going wrong – you need to review your business performance in detail

Every Monday morning go through all your SKUs sales and profits and check how they’re doing, from conversion rates to keyword position. You can check all of these metrics using software like. . .

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