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(1) The Best Email Marketing App For Shopify | Boost Your Sales With Email – YouTube

In this shopify email marketing tutorial I will be walking you through step by step how to setup email marketing for your shopify store. In this video we will be using the best shopify email marketing app, Omnisend, to setup the email marketing for our shopify store. By the end......
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Walmart Advertising: What You Need to Know

Walmart Advertising. How is it different from Amazon PPC? Expanding your FBA business to the Walmart marketplace increases sales and provides an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers. We have outlined some of the basics of Walmart’s pay-to-play advertising platform to help you get your products kickstarted.  So,......
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Selling on Etsy? You May be Asking Yourself These Questions (Helium10 Article)

Selling on Etsy? Owning and running your own business involves several factors: sales, inventory, profits, marketing, networking… the list of numerical benchmarks and grey-hair inducing policy changes goes on. However, there is one element of entrepreneurship that you can’t fit into a spreadsheet: identity. It’s an easy thing to lose sight......