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Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (Ecommerce-Platforms Article)


Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. Payment gateways can be extemely confusing due to the number of companies in the field along with a technology base that changes yearly. However Ecommerce-Platforms has done a lot of the research for us.

At some point, you’ll need to choose an online store platform to host your store. If you decide that WooCommerce is your best bet (for its excellent functionality and superior content creation tools,) you’ll want to look for the best payment gateway for WooCommerce.

It’s no easy task, considering there are hundreds, if not thousands, of payment gateways to choose from. Having said that, WooCommerce also provides support for the vast majority of major payment gateways, whether it’s through a built-in feature, a direct extension, or by allowing you to link to a different gateway through the API.

The search for a payment gateway becomes confusing once you start looking at pricing, rates, and interfaces. You may not even know that some payment gateways aren’t allowed in some countries and for certain industries.

That’s why we’ve done much of the research for you, testing out the best WooCommerce payment gateway options to decide on which are ideal for specific situations. From gateways with excellent rates to options that allow you to collect payment in different forms, we cover the top contenders to narrow down your search even further.

Best Payment Gateways for WooCommerce


square - best payment gateway for WooCommerce

Square serves as an online payment portal, money manager, and in-person payment service with all the tools to go with it. From an ecommerce perspective, Square works wonders for selling online and allowing for unique capabilities like social media processing, appointment scheduling, and a standard point of sale if you also run a brick and mortar retail business.

The Square payment gateway offers an extension for WooCommerce and its own dashboard for collecting credit card payments and managing the way your money flows. This allows you to link to your ecommerce shop and sell in more ways than usual, all for free. The setup process is fast and user-friendly, and you can get your ecommerce store set up quickly and accepting payments without having to know how to code.

Square provides several ways to accept money for your business, including options for donations, membership fees, and standard transactions. Many of the features are industry-specific; for example, you may want to activate the online food ordering module or select to have online appointments on your website – with either a fee to book an appointment or not.

Square accepts all kinds of payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as the primary credit cards. Also, if you plan on using the point of sale, Square syncs all business data between your online store and the transactions made in the physical shop.

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