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Businesses Can Sell On Instagram & Expand Reach

Businesses Can Sell On Instagram

Now any business can sell on Instagram. The folks at Ship Station tell us about the new shoppable Instagram posts feature. What started as a photo-sharing app, has evolved to now inspire, connect, and monetize a community full of influence and discovery. Instagram makes it easier than ever for shoppers to explore and purchase the products they love.

What is Checkout on Instagram?

The checkout feature on Instagram enables shoppers to purchase select products without ever leaving the app—creating a streamlined, 2-tap process of converting Instagram followers into loyal customers.

With Instagram Checkout, customers can tap to view a product from a shoppable post and then continue to the payment process, all without leaving Instagram. Shoppers just have to enter their name, email, billing information, and shipping address the first time they check out.

The Benefits 

With consumer demands increasing, shoppers are prioritizing convenience when it comes to purchasing the products they want. There’s no doubt that Instagram Checkout comes with a ton of benefits for businesses and brands on Instagram, and even more so if you’re an early adopter of the feature. For example, when users click on the “Shop” tab from the Instagram Explore page, there are various curated edits that showcase products from Checkout-enabled brands.

While Instagram has always helped promote discovery of new products and brands, online stores have traditionally been limited in their product marketing options . Instagram stories have long been the primary means of driving traffic to business profiles, with the swipe-up feature leading people directly to a specific product URL.

However, unless you’re fortunate enough to have an Instagram verification badge or a follower count above 10K, the swipe-up feature isn’t an option for you. This makes driving traffic from your Instagram stories to your products practically impossible.

With the new shoppable Instagram posts feature, any business can sell on Instagram because you’re no longer required to have a large following in order to successfully market your business to the growing community that Instagram serves. Even the smallest ecommerce shops can now make their products purchasable directly from an Instagram post. 

However, with the shoppable Instagram posts feature, it doesn’t require you to have a large account to access it. So even if you’re a small shop, you can now make your products purchasable directly from your posts. 

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