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Podcast: Adding More Online Properties To Your Portfolio. Buying and Selling Online Businesses

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Shakil Prasla’s experience buying his first company through Mark Daoust’s brokerage
  • Shakil’s advice to investors who are deciding between holding companies or operating companies
  • The lessons Shakil has learned about what it takes to be a successful operator on Amazon
  • The biggest red flags Shakil sees in businesses looking to sell
  • How Shakil realized he was good at evaluating brands and finding winners to invest in
  • Shakil talks about his new training course on buying businesses online
  • The escrow company Shakil recently formed and how it works
  • Shakil reveals the up and coming trends in the industry

In this episode…

When Shakil Prasla first started buying online businesses, he made a number of mistakes—at times he asked the wrong questions, or failed to do due diligence, or kept the original seller as a partner for only a short period of time. However, while growing his investment firm exponentially over the past seven years, Shakil has successfully learned the tricks of the trade.

According to Shakil, one of the top lessons he has learned is to keep the seller involved in the business for at least 90 days. As he says, the knowledge that the seller acquires over the duration of running a business is invaluable, and it cannot all be shared within a short period of time. With this advice, and so much more, Shakil wants to help other investors successfully buy and operate online businesses.

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