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eBay Blackballs Bank Accounts in the State of Georgia?

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Is eBay blackballing Bank of America bank accounts in the state of Georgia? According to a knowledgeable third-party eBay developer, it seems so.

Since eBay took over payment processing from PayPal, it requires all sellers to verify their bank account information so it can disburse funds into their accounts. But some sellers have had difficulty with the verification process – meaning they are unable to receive payouts for sales they’ve made and shipped.

This week, a frequent poster on the eBay boards who goes by the handle Shipscript said that for the past year, “eBay has been rejecting the BofA routing number for accounts in Georgia and telling sellers to use another bank.

“An eBay Community volunteer since 2003, Shipscript speaks with authority, though they didn’t provide much context about how they learned the problem was isolated to a single state.

But they did provide further advice – “Customer service is able to help with the more basic issues. They may have to escalate more difficult questions to a supervisor,” along with providing a link.The discussion began when a seller said they could not get eBay to verify their Bank of America account, and another seller echoed the complaint.

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