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eBay Sellers Fight the Algorithm and They Aren’t Alone

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People are increasingly aware of how corporations are using algorithms behind the scenes, and a recent news story revealed an unexpected entity that is fighting back – a public school district filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, and YouTube, claiming their algorithms manipulate and exploit vulnerable young people.

Tech companies are watching their customers’ every move to better target their marketing campaigns and boost revenue. But online sellers are also being scrutinized, something not lost on EcommerceBytes readers.

This hit home when reading a comment on the EcommerceBytes blog from a seller who said they go out of their way to foil eBay’s algorithm.

The topic of the blog post was the vexing questions buyers ask sellers. Naturally, the topic turned to eBay’s “offers” feature that allows buyers to negotiate a lower price – some sellers find it annoying when they make it clear they don’t entertain offers but receive such requests anyway.

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