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Improve Your Sales & Brand Visibility by Using Amazon Posts

Improve Your Sales & Brand Visibility by Using Amazon Posts

Amazon is making it easier to stand out in the marketplace. The introduction of Amazon posts helps retailers to stand out and increase their visibility. By using Amazon posts online sellers can improve their product recognition and reach more of their customers. 

But what is an Amazon post, exactly?

Amazon describes it as the following: “Posts is a new image-based browsing experience on Amazon. Shoppers can explore brand-specific feeds or browse by product category to discover products and see what’s new from brands.” 

Today, we will give Amazon posts guidelines for Amazon sellers. Let’s explain what Amazon posts are, the main benefits, and how to create Amazon posts. Then we will cover the main points you should be careful with and tips to successfully increase your sales and brand visibility. 

Amazon Posts 

Amazon post is an easy-to-use tool, designed to improve your product’s ability to stand out. Online sellers can include images of their products. You can show the product in use such as lifestyle images. You can consider it as an advertising medium. It offers online sellers free visibility and promotion.  

Breaking Down the Benefits

Amazon posts can be very helpful for sellers. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of sharing content on Amazon.

  • Discovery

Creating carousels of images and content helps consumers discover your products and brand. Customers can click on the post and discover more of your products. It’s a great opportunity for reaching out to new customers who don’t know your products.

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