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AMZTracker: Using Marketing On Pinterest to Promote Products On Amazon FBA

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Products For Amazon FBA

Pinterest is considered to be the newest traffice generator of the seo crowds. AMZTracker shows you how marketing on pinterest could change your marketing strategy. Pinterest has millions of visitors a day. And the images in Pinterest often show up near the top of google.

So how can you leverage this platform to grow your business? In this article we cover the Top 7 Tips for posting Amazon product details on Pinterest.

Tip 1 Consistent Posts

As with any social media platform, you need to consistently add new content that is interesting and relevant to your broader market.

Aim to add 5 to 10 pins spread evenly throughout the week.

If you only post a few images you cannot expect much results. Commit to posting over a period of 10 to 15 weeks then see how your results are doing.

Evey extra visitor from Pinterest to Amazon is going to help your Organic Amazon Ranking also.

Tip 2 Register for Promoted Pins

Apply for Pinterest’s promoted pins platform which lets you spread your content by sponsoring pins.

Some marketers have found 100% to 200% or more return on ad spend. Test with a small budget and see if it helps you to sell more of your Amazon product.

I would recommend first getting your board set up and having at least 50 normal posts before trying ad spend. That way – you can better convert those ad visitors – as they will see a lot of interesting posts.

Tip 3 Follow the Simple 80-20 Rules

Try to post 8 informative or fun pins for every 1 or 2 pins about your product.

That way the vast majority of your content is not just sales material but helps to build a community.

If you only ever post deals or pictures of your product –  nobody is going to follow you. But if you focus on interesting content and occasionally post your product you will . . .

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