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Revealing New Shopify Store! ($300/day) – YouTube

Revealing My New Shopify Store ($300/day). Just 30 days ago I set out to build a new brand on Shopify, starting out by Dropshipping products with a 6-10 day shipping window. I put a lot of attention on having a good customer experience, but it all comes down to marketing when you are starting something new!

So I have spent the last 30 days building data on my Facebook Ad account, warming up my pixel and getting more than enough data for Lookalike Audiences. The Ads are optimized pretty well and we are just waiting for the spending limit to be increased here shortly.

I have preferred Dropshipping over FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) just due to speed, Cost & efficiency over the last 5 years. However both can be great options! If you want to see full case studies with everything shown live & learn exactly how we build these companies, check out our programs linked above!

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