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Selling on Each Shopify Sales Channel: The Pros & Cons

The Pros & Cons of Selling on Each Shopify Sales Channels

From A Better Lemonade Stand. Selling on Each Shopify Sales Channel. The crux of omnichannel selling is about meeting customers where they’re at, which involves more targeted selling, resulting in a better customer experience.

Increasing visibility and sales is the number one reason why multi-channel selling is worthwhile, backed up by the fact companies that use multi-channel marketing are 3x more effective than those who don’t. There’s also the bonus of gathering more consumer data to provide a better understanding of your customers’ behaviors—win-win!


Shopify makes it easy to establish multiple sales channels. In most cases, Shopify automatically syncs products with other sales channels to help you populate and manage your other storefronts.

Also, from the convenience of your Shopify dashboard, you can:

  • Keep track of products and orders across both Shopify and new sales channels
  • Check the product’s availability for new sales channels
  • Assign listings to your chosen channels (or even sync up whole product categories)
  • Create and manage discounts
  • Receive order notifications from different channels
  • Generate sales reports across different sales channels
  • Filter your order history by sales channel


So why not try Selling on Each Shopify Sales Channel? It’s worth noting that each sales channel comes with its own eligibility requirements. These requirements might exclude a considerable number of stores. Where applicable, we’ve outlined any notable eligibility requirements in the sections below—like Shopify’s wholesale marketplace’s regional requirements.Note: Assume as a general rule that each channel comes with its own community guidelines. Your store should not incite hate, racism, or showcase anything that might put your audience in danger. The vast majority of stores will pass these requirements with flying colors, however, if you sell products of a more niche or mature nature, you may wish to review each channel’s community guidelines in detail before going ahead.

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