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Shopify And Amazon FBA – $1M A Year | Dan Vas + Josh Bak – Weekly Q&A

Shopify And Amazon FBA. Today, we have Josh Bak who is a million-dollar Shopify eCommerce brand owner doing hundreds of thousands every month with his store.

He is also our Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom, the world’s #1 platform to learn how to start a successful eCommerce online business. In today’s video and live Q&A I am joined by Josh Bak who is a million dollar Amazon FBA seller and eCommerce brand owner.

We are answering any and all questions about Shopify and Amazon FBA that we get from subscribers about Shopify, Amazon FBA dropshipping, how to start a successful Shopify store and eCommerce brand, entrepreneurship and mindset. Being both a part of team Ecom Freedom, we have coached thousands of students to success with starting their own successful 6-7 figure Amazon FBA business from scratch.

I host a weekly live Q&A every Saturday between 12-3PM EST.

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