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AcquireConvert: 2020 Social Rabbit Review for Shopify

Social Rabbit Review for Shopify

AcquireConvert serves up another great ecommerce software review for their readers. This time they look under the hood of Social Rabbit: Every brand knows that it needs to be “on it”. Every brand knows that it’s a free ticket to hook up with your target audience. Every brand knows that there are big bucks to be made from it.

Where else can you get in front of your audience for up to three hours per day? And that’s not just teenagers. Users 65 years and older are now the fastest-growing group on Facebook.

When it comes to Instagram, 90% of its one billion active users follow at least one business, so they’re looking for brands – why not yours?

But let’s face it, social media can be a challenge. In fact, it’s such a huge nut to crack and you need a mighty big hammer to do it!

Social Rabbit is that hammer. This app developed by a team in California helps you automate much of the time-consuming work it takes to run your social media accounts.

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest that keeps you awake at night, this is a tool that eases the burden and helps you promote your Shopify store while you take a well-earned rest.

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With over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries, they must be doing something right over at Social Rabbit.

Why the success?

Let’s get into that right here…

Auto-run your social media accounts 24/7

image1 1Part of the problem with social media is that it can end up really destroying your time.

We’ve all been there. Open Facebook and Instagram over the first coffee of the day and suddenly someone shouts “lunchtime”. That’s three hours of your life you’ll never get back.

Most ecommerce business owners can’t afford to waste that time.

So, what if the heavy lifting could be done by someone or something else? That’s where Social Rabbit steps in.

The app, which integrates with Shopify, boosts your presence on four of the main social media channels, getting your content and your products in front of more pairs of eyes without it eating into your precious time.

Larger brands may have the resources to spend weeks on crafting content plans and drafting posts for social media. Most smaller ecommerce business owners simply don’t have the resources, time, or patience to do that.

The Social Rabbit plugin becomes your social media marketing “team”.

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You can automate all your social media marketing activity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, greatly simplifying and speeding up the process of creating engaging content.

It means less time spent cropping images and scheduling posts and more time freed up to focus on all then really important stuff required in your business.

Automating the repetitive work with content creation ultimately leads to:

  • Considerable time saved – hours per week of time-consuming work
  • Rapid indexing of your site by search engines (better for SEO)
  • More social traffic to your site
  • Potential to grow sales and profits

Let’s take a dive into the main features that allow you to do that…

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