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Featured The Best AI Product Description Generators for 2023

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The best AI product description generators could be an excellent tool for ecommerce business owners. The chances are, you’re constantly looking for ways to save time in your company. As a business owner, you have countless things to do, from managing customer service, to searching for new products and ensuring......
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I Asked ChatGPT To Create A Winning Product Description

Join our Ecomhunt Facebook group filled with Dropshippers just like yourself: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecomhunt. In this video, I asked ChatGPT to create for me a product description for a winning product I found on Ecomhunt. It’s amazing how far A.I. has come… In just a few seconds, the perfect product description was......
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How To Get More Conversions with Engaging Mobile Shopping Experiences

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Bob Braham, CEO of Famous – a mobile-first platform that helps build stunning storefronts and landing pages for shopify stores. With Famous, you can build premium pages without code using the super intuitive page builder. How To Get More Conversions. Gone are the days when......
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Differences Between Amazon and Walmart Marketplace Advertising

When you’re expanding your business from Amazon to Walmart, it’s helpful to understand the differences between Amazon’s and Walmart’s advertising capabilities. Some ad strategies can be successfully ported from Amazon to Walmart, but it’s not true across the board. Plenty of strategies that may be effective on Amazon can be quite wasteful......
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Walmart Advertising: What You Need to Know

Walmart Advertising. How is it different from Amazon PPC? Expanding your FBA business to the Walmart marketplace increases sales and provides an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers. We have outlined some of the basics of Walmart’s pay-to-play advertising platform to help you get your products kickstarted.  So,......
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The Best 2021 Ecommerce Advertising Strategies

EcommerceFuel treats us to a solid look at e-commerce advertising trends so far in 2021. Did you know? Back in 2020, eCommerce grew way ahead of predictions made prior to March of that year. Nearly 2 years ahead of initial projections. Online sales reached nearly $800 billion — 32% higher than the previous year. Most......
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Walmart Advertising’s Growing Influence

Walmart Advertising’s Growing Influence over the online media landscape keeps growing as its marketplace quickly gains new shoppers. How much time and attention is your brand devoting to advertising on Walmart Marketplace? If the answer is anything less than “a lot,” it may be time to revisit your digital marketing......