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The 10 Best PPC Landing Page Examples in 2022 (+ 5 Tips)

Ready to start a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement campaign?

If so, read on!

In this article, we will cover ten great examples of PPC landing pages to maximize your conversion potential.

What is a PPC landing page?

A PPC landing page is a web page on your ecommerce store intended solely for use in paid ad campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads.

The landing page can be highly tailored to target specific keyword phrases and demographics, with the end-goal being to pull the user down the sales funnel in a much more streamlined manner.

Ecommerce purchase funnel - Infographic
Ecommerce purchase funnel

10 amazing PPC landing page examples

Now that we know what a PPC landing page is, let’s dive right in and look at some of the best examples out there.

1. Compare The Market

Before showing the example, let’s look at what we searched to check the keyword phrase relevance against the landing page.

An example of the search term 'car insurance' on Google Ads

All PPC results have the ‘Ad’ tag, as shown above. Straight away, we can tell that the ad is incredibly relevant to the term searched.

Compare The Market is a huge comparison site that covers everything financial from insurance to energy supply and mortgages.

So you should now see why a PPC landing page is so important to use, as when I search for ‘car insurance,’ I’d expect to be taken to that section of the website and not have to find my way there.

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