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The Best 2021 Ecommerce Advertising Strategies

The Best Advertising Strategies for Your eCommerce Store in 2021

EcommerceFuel treats us to a solid look at e-commerce advertising trends so far in 2021. Did you know? Back in 2020, eCommerce grew way ahead of predictions made prior to March of that year. Nearly 2 years ahead of initial projections.

Online sales reached nearly $800 billion — 32% higher than the previous year. Most experts agree that the face of online retail has been forever changed by shifts in both the online shopping mindset and technology introduced in 2020.

With shoppers increasingly turning to online retailers for everything from fashion to their weekly groceries, you can’t afford to fall back on the same old advertising and marketing strategies you’ve relied on in the past.

That’s why we’re here today to show you the best 2021ecommerce advertising strategies and to give you the information you need to make changes in your eCommerce business now. To create more effective advertising strategies before your sales start to fall behind your predictions and profit goals.

Some of the strategies we’re going to discuss today you may have heard many times before. That doesn’t mean they’re too basic for experienced eComm heads like our members and guests.

Why? Because we’ll be presenting them with our advanced eCommerce Fuel twist that you’ve come to know, expect, appreciate, and love.

So without further ado, here are four advertising strategies that will hopefully see your online store healthier and happier than ever by this year’s end:

Content is Still King: Using Content Marketing Effectively
Taking It on the Road: Strategies for Local and Offline Advertising
What’d You Say? Customer Connectedness
Remember Me? Follow-up Marketing Techniques
Putting It All Together: Effective Advertising for Your eCommerce Business

Let’s get started, shall we?

“Content Is (Still) King”

When Bill Gates said those famous words in 1996, content marketing was nothing new. After all, John Deere started it way back in the 1890s. And you may be thinking that in this day and age, it’s too outdated.

Content is possibly the best strategy for advertising to your target audience with just the right information they need at just the right time.

The face of content is changing, thanks in large part to social media — and that’s where a bit of the tried and true are now. The Best 2021Ecommerce Advertising Strategies . . .

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