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The Lifestyle Image Link Attribute 101 (Practical Tips)

he lifestyle image link attribute

Product images are the best way to present your products on an online shopping platform. 

But some product images can be a bit boring, especially if they’re used in Display Ads amid all kinds of exciting content.

The lifestyle image link attribute is the answer to that. You keep the traditional product image as your main image, but use more attractive ones for the placements that need it.

In this piece, we’ll cover the lifestyle image link attribute and explain what it is, how to properly format it, and how it relates to the image_link and additional_image_link attributes.

What Is the Lifestyle Image Link Attribute in the Product Feed?

The lifestyle_image_link allows merchants to provide a lifestyle image of their products.

“Lifestyle” means showing how customers can use your product. The idea is to present the items in their natural or authentic setting, as opposed to the standardized product images against a white background (defined by the image link attribute).

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