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Walmart Advertising’s Growing Influence


Walmart Advertising’s Growing Influence over the online media landscape keeps growing as its marketplace quickly gains new shoppers. How much time and attention is your brand devoting to advertising on Walmart Marketplace?

If the answer is anything less than “a lot,” it may be time to revisit your digital marketing strategy. With 100 million unique monthly visitors, Walmart is fast becoming a preferred destination for droves of consumers as they do more shopping online. An estimated 90% of Americans shop there, and many of them do so daily. The retail giant’s e-commerce business grew 69% in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2021 and doubled in size following a surge of 50,000 new sellers.

Put simply, Walmart Marketplace is growing in influence. And it’s changing the way third-party sellers connect with consumers.

The increasing importance of Walmart advertising

Web traffic and sales aren’t all that’s increasing on this vital e-commerce channel. As consumers continue to make more purchases online, and as the marketplace continues to attract more of those shoppers, the company’s retail media business is accelerating, too.

The number of paid search impressions on Walmart has more than doubled over the past year. One recent analysis discovered that an average of four paid search ads now appear on the first page of results, compared with just 1.7 in January 2020. Researchers at eMarketer say the increase is a “strong indicator that [Walmart’s] ecommerce platform is now drawing sufficient search volume to support a meaningful and attractive search ad business as the company looks to expand its digital advertising footprint.” 

In fact, the marketplace’s search ad revenues are expected to increase 69.9% by year’s end. So if you advertise on Walmart, it’s time to buckle up for some stiff competition.

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