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Article: RepricerExpress: Hey Amazon Sellers, What’s Your Q4 Ad Strategy Look Like?

What’s Your Q4 Amazon Ad Strategy?

With Organic listings on Amazon becoming hard to achieve, online sellers need to consider what their Amazon quarterly ad strategies will look like.

There’s no traditional definition of a fiscal year because every business will create its own, so we’ll keep things in a more abstract sense so you can use tips for any quarter of the year. And whether you already have a plan for it or are gathering data to launch a business for the future, RepricerExpress has some good techniques you can use for your Amazon ad strategy when looking to maximise your ROI.

Why Have an Amazon Ad Strategy?

Put bluntly, it’s almost impossible to succeed in selling — especially selling online — if you don’t have any sort of ad campaign. With brick-and-mortar stores or service-based companies, you might be able to get by on word-of-mouth. But that just won’t cut it online and with retail shops. Shoppers will not go out of their way to find you and your products, so you’ll have to bring it to them.

And Why Have a Q4 Strategy, Too?

There are some ad campaigns you can tinker with, like using A/B testing to figure out what works best in email deals. But when it comes to a Q4-specific strategy, there’s no time for testing. Because it’s a fixed period of time, you’ve got to have a plan that allows you to hit the ground running with maximum success.

And here are some things you should be looking at.

1. Use Data From Previous Q4s

This doesn’t have to necessarily apply to veteran sellers, as newbies can mine data that’s product-specific to get a general sense of what works and what doesn’t. But for veteran sellers, here are some things you should be analysing:

  • Product performance
  • How various campaigns performed
  • Which keywords generated the most buzz
  • Which ad groups saw the most action

As much as it might pain you, look as closely at the weak performances as the strong ones. This will tell you what you might want to avoid next Q4 and what you might be able to use instead.

2. Get Your Inventory Into Shape

Dealing with overstock is for another post altogether, but usually, it’s something you want to avoid. That being said, look at which items didn’t sell as well and which ones did. Are they bigger items taking up more physical space and therefore costing you more in storage fees? Or were they items you could easily pair with other products to move them in different ways?

Running out of inventory is a worse situation to be facing.

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