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Why 90% of Amazon FBA Sellers Fail

Sadly, many Amazon sellers will see their first product fail & their Amazon journey will stop there. In this article I will show you the 4 main mistakes these sellers make & how you can avoid them!

Problem 1: Not customising your product! 

Lets first reveal the biggest problem you are having right now which is: Not customising your products!

I’m sure you have been told countless time to just look for high demand, low competition products. And while that is definitely true. You can’t just stop here 

If you would now go to Alibaba and order the first product you see. Your product would look exactly like 20 other products that are already out there!

What you need to do is customise your product! 

So how do we do this?

Option 1: Fully customise product

You can either fully customise your product. This comes with some pro’s & cons though, the biggest con is that this simply costs a lot of money.

That is why I would not advise this for beginners. But if you want to check this out you should ask your supplier for the mold cost or model costs. This will give you an estimate for how much this would cost.

Option 2: Only customising the packaging

Now the second way you can customise your product ( and this is something that I like to do)  is to customise the packaging. This will cost a lot less money, but can still give your product a really unique feeling and make it stand out from the rest.

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